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Neutral Tan

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The hydrte bottle is a premium, reusable water bottle designed to seamlessly fit into your bag. The hydrte bottle can be easily carried with your laptop and books. 

With its minimal appearance, the Hydrte  bottle will easily become part of your daily routine to stay healthy and hydrated.

The Hydrte bottle allows you to maintain your water intake wherever you are, meaning you can stay focused and be more productive all the time .

It’s the only reusable water bottle you will need, which in turn will help reduce single-use water bottle consumption.


  • 350,480,650 ML Capacity.
  • Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Friendly.
  • 100% Silicone Grip Band.
  • Leak proof Design & Bottle Cap Mechanism.
  • Easily Fits into your laptop bag.
  • BPA-BPS Free plastic 
  • 16cm height x 11cm width x 2.5cm depth (350ml)
  • 19cm height x 13cm width x 3cm depth (480ml)
  • 22cm height x 15cm width x 3cm depth (650ml)
  • Weight - 168g (350ml)
  • Weight - 210g (480ml)
  • Weight - 286g (650ml)


Can I put carbonated drinks and hot drinks in the bottle?
It is not recommended to use your hydrte bottle for carbonated drinks, due to the unique shape it can cause expansion in the bottle.

What material is the bottle made of?
The hydrte bottle is made of an eco-friendly BPA free plastic.

Is the bottle easy to clean? How do i clean it?
The bottle is super easy to clean!
We recommend filing it up with warm water and a dash of soap or washing up liquid and giving it a shake.
You can also use your bottle in the dishwasher (always remember to remove the silicone grip before placing it in the dishwasher)

Do you ship worldwide?
We ship hydrte bottles worldwide! All orders are fully tracked so that you don't have to worry about you order.