Don't gift a boring regular company water bottle.

Gift The Hydrte Bottle.



We redesigned the water bottle.

All our daily essentials are flat, so why not our water bottles? We set out on a mission 3 years ago to build the slimmest, sleekest & most convenient water bottle ever.

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our clients


We turn your dreams into reality.

Our talented co-branding team will help you create the perfect water bottle for your business. We take the stress off your shoulders & make the process fun.

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Ready to impress your clients?

Whether you’re impressing clients, organising events or rewarding employees, Hydrte bottles are the perfect way to showcase your brand in style.

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"I wanted to create a water bottle that makes you go WOW" - Rahul Founder

The Hydrte bottle slots perfectly into any bag.

Our bottle is built with a convenience first design approach. We wanted to build a bottle that could truly fit in all laptop bags, handbags & backpacks.

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100% recyclable packaging with every bottle

Low Minimum Order - 50 units

You pick the pantone colour, bottle size, logo placement & we bring it to LIFE.

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3 Sizes For Every Occasion.

Compact Series 350ml / 12.oz

Everyday Series 480ml / 16.2oz

Explorer Series 650ml / 22.9oz

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Co-branding Review

Luxury Promise X Hydrte

"A fun and great collaboration between Hydrte and Luxury Promise. They were a big hit with our clients! Looking forward to many more future collaborations" - Grace Kennett/ Head Of Retail

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Everything you need to know before you order

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Is The Bottle?

The Hydrte bottle is made from a durable BPA Free Plastic. The strap is made from 100% Silicone. All packaging is 100% recyclable & eco-friendly.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Our Minimum Order Quantity Is 50 units.

Is Your Bottle Eco-Friendly?

Yes, The hydrte bottle is a reusbale water bottle to help you cut down on single-use plastic bottles.

How Long Does An Order Take?

We aim to produce your order within 2 weeks & dispatch it via an express delivery which takes around 3-5 days worldwide.

Will my bottle include a Hydrte Logo?

Yes the Hydrte logo is included on the back of all co-branded bottles.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, we ship bottles worldwide! Don't worry we've got you covered.

  • Fashion Retail Academy

    Gifted to University Applicants For the 22/23 Year.

  • FIFA

    Used as part of an onboarding package for employees at the new FIFA Switzerland HQ.

  • Klaviyo

    Gifted at a Klaviyo hosted Event in the United Kingdom.

  • Burgh Island Hotel

    Given to every guest that stays at the beautiful Burgh Island Hotel.

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Gifted for a Sony networking goodie bag event.

  • Pomellato

    Gifted to special clients as part of a Christmas gift package.